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Redinger Technologies provides digital marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We also work with small eCommerce businesses in setting up their inventory systems, websites, payment processors and marketing their products. We focus on website development, Meta advertising, search engine optimization and google paid search! We would love to learn more about your business and how we can guarantee a return! 

Website Development

We develop websites for small to medium sized businesses including small eCommerce businesses. 

Search Engine Optimization

As we develop your website, we will manage the key words to ensure ranking and organic search traffic lands on your site and not your competitors. 

Social Media Management 

Social Media is one of the most important digital marketing assets a company can have! We will help you stay on top of posting and interacting with your audience! 

Meta Advertising

We work with Meta to advertise your business locally and nationally. Let us help you see results from your social media platforms!

Google Paid Search

We will utilize Google Paid Search methods to guide new customers to you. Google is the number one used platform for search. 

Domain & Email

We will help you get your domain and set up professional emails with your domain.

What Our Clients Say

Cleaning the Hallways

Coleen Walizer

"Redinger Technologies top notch They have done amazing job with our SEO Our website is amazing and is updated when needed! They have a knowledgeable staff and are an amazing group of people they know their stuff"
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