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Our Team.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Background

About Redinger Companies Inc.

Redinger Companies Inc. is the parent company for Redinger Cleaning Company, Redinger Technologies, Redinger Construction Company and Redinger Real Estate & Property Management. 

Kaden first started Redinger Technologies in 2020 doing digital marketing for small to medium sized companies. He then founded Redinger Cleaning Company in early 2023. Redinger Construction Company and Redinger Real Estate opened their doors in June of 2023 on the basis of demand. To learn more, please shoot us a note and we would be more than happy to answer any questions about our brands. 




Kaden founded Redinger Technologies from his home office while working for SkyWest Airlines & United Airlines in Sheridan, WY as a terminal supervisor. The company grew fast and the demand grew with it.

Feb, 2023

Redinger Cleaning Company was founded in internal needs. We soon grew to 10 employees and hundreds of clients in the greater Sheridan area. We now serve Sheridan, Buffalo, Gillette, Wright, New Castle & Moorcroft.

June, 2023

Redinger Real Estate & Property Management and Redinger Construction Company were founded. We manage long and short term residential units. We also manage AirBnb & VRBO for home owners. Redinger Construction Company provides turn key solutions in residential new construction, remodeling and flatwork.

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